Poslední monitorovací období se neslo ve znamení dokončovacích prací na tvrzi v Tiché, konkrétně velké věži tvrze, kdy byly dokončovány vápenné omítky hrázděného patra, bylo dokončeno obložení světnice prkny – táflování, instalován kompletní mobiliář, podlahy, vnitřní a vnější schodiště a dokončovací práce. Zároveň byla dokončena konzervace tvrziště včetně branské věže a zdivo bylo překryto tlustou vrstvou travního drnu, jako ochrana proti jeho zvětrávání. Byly prováděny dokončovací práce na budově zázemí včetně inženýrských sítí, vybavení nábytkem, modelem tvrze v měřítku 1:100, byly osazeny cedule povinné publicity, probíhalo natírání konstrukcí, výstavba chodníku okolo budovy zázemí a další práce. Všechny činnosti se povedlo dokončit v požadované kvalitě a stanoveném termínu, a tvrz se tak stane do budoucna vyhledávaným cílem veřejnosti z české i rakouské strany hranice. Stavba stodoly a ratejny podhradí na hradě Pořešín včetně výstavby oplocení byla dokončena bez problémů v předcházejících monitorovacích obdobích.
Typ akce: Ostatní
24.09.2021 - 26.09.2021
Im Rahmen des Workshops wird eine Replik eines mittelalterlichen kachelofens gebaut. Die Teilnehmer können aktiv daran mitbauen.
Typ akce: Workshop
17.09.2021 - 18.09.2021
Basket winding is an old craftsmanship that is now part of the intangible cultural heritage in Austria. Grasses, herbs and flowers can be processed into beautiful baskets. In the morning you start with a castle hike and grass and herbs are collected. In the afternoon, the participants learn to weave baskets under supervision. The materials are provided.
Typ akce: Školení
17.09.2021 - 19.09.2021
During the workshop, participants will learn medieval masonry techniques. The event will take place in Ticha (CZ) and will be interpreted. Registrations at webmaster @ hradynamalsi or +420 720342950
Typ akce: Workshop
July 14th is a special day for the knight of the castle trail! In the future, the tinny companion will roam the country as the “Knight Antero vom Schlösserweg” and live up to the meaning of the name “The Brave”. The knight's name was created by Ms. Edith Huemer from Linz. He was selected from the numerous submissions by a commission consisting of representatives of the Mühlviertler Alm Association and the Mühlviertler Alm Freistadt Tourist Association. When the iron man moved from Gutau to Kefermarkt, he was knighted and named. The baptism ceremony was headed by Mayor Herbert Brandstötter.
Typ akce: Ostatní
The knight of the castle trail arrived in Bad Zell on 5. 2. 2021 and was appointed by the Carnival Guild and the mayor Mag. Hubert Tischler. Afterwards he started his "recreational holiday" in the Spa to remove the rust from his joints.
Typ akce: Prezentace
Not only kids are excited by St. Nicholas, the wandering knight of the Castle Trail also particularly likes meeting the saint. The tinny companion was stationed in the Danube town of Grein for the past few weeks and has now arrived in Windhaag near Perg in time. For the next few weeks, the knight will be staying in the Windhaag / Perg municipal office and will bring visitors closer to the 215-kilometer long-distance hiking trail from Grein to Velesín.
Typ akce: Prezentace
In October, a knight of the Castles Trail starts in the Danube town of Grein on a cross-border tour. The life-size figure in its tinny garb will visit communities along the way as far as the Czech Republic in the course of the coming year and will move into accommodation in a shop window in the town centers for several weeks.
Typ akce: Tisková zpráva
31.07.2020 - 01.08.2020
Location: Prandegg castle ruins / Activity: Theory of lime burning, filling the lime oven with limestones, heating and continuous firing of the kiln, theory of lime slaking, slaking of lime
Typ akce: Workshop
28.07.2020 - 31.07.2020
Location: Poresin / Workshops: making and mending of beams, cleaning and washing of wooden elements, composition of stone masonry as basis of historical constructions
Typ akce: Workshop

Typ akce: Ostatní
A video workshop was held together with students from HTL Leonding. Based on an elaborated "shot list", pictures of the Weinberg Castle, Reichenstein Castle and Windhaag / Perg Castle could be taken by fine weather. A video film is subsequently cut as part of a school project.
Typ akce: Seminář
For selected places in Grein, Bad Kreuzen, Windhaag / Perg, Bad Zell, Pierbach, Gutau, Freistadt, Ticha, Kalice and Velesin, overview boards for the route of the castle trail were prepared. These are drawn up in April and May (depending on the state of the corona crisis).
Typ akce: Ostatní
At the network meeting in Pregarten, the castle trail was presented as a project example.
Typ akce: Prezentace
08.09.2019 - 08.09.2019
The Association Mühlviertler Alm presented at the fair in Ternberg, among other things, the castle trail. In total, 5 communities of castle trail were among the exhibitors. Together, a treasure hunter game was organized.
Typ akce: Výstava
The roof-construction is ready. Next step: roofer.
Typ akce: Ostatní

Typ akce: Ostatní
24.04.2019 - 24.04.2019
Cesty spojují. Chceme v rámci přeshraniční spolupráce společně vytvořit základy úspěšného marketingu. Při workshopu se s ohledem na přeshraniční spolupráci vypracuje duální pozice pro naši Zemskou stezku a rovněž se sladí regionální zdroje s přáními našich hostů.
Typ akce: Seminář
Representatives of the tourism associations discussed together with the lead partner conceptual aspects of the planned castle-trail-guide.
Typ akce: Ostatní
A central subproject of the project partner Prandegg could already be completed in autumn: The horse shelter!
Typ akce: Ostatní
The preparatory work (price collection, contracting and production) for the new and complementary signage could be completed. The signage materials were delivered to the cooperation partners until 7.11.2018. Many trailmanager will still use the good weather to start with the installation.
Typ akce: Ostatní
25.10.2018 - 27.10.2018
The "Kernlandmagazin" (Free Radio Freistadt) designed a program on "Transnational Projects". Hubert Roiß (Zukunftsforum Freiwald) and Andreas Hunger (Burgen- und Schlösserweg) report on their project experience. The studio recording took place on 19 October 2018. The broadcast will be on 25.10. (18:30), 26.10 (13:00) and 27.10. (10:00). Link for listening see below.
Typ akce: Ostatní
Representatives of the project partners Prandegg, Bad Kreuzen and Mühlviertler Alm attended a training session of the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat.
Typ akce: Školení
In Freistadt, a project partner meeting of the Austrian lead partner with the Czech partner Hrady na Malsi took place together with the regional development agencies RERA and RMOÖ.
Typ akce: Ostatní
17.07.2018 - 20.07.2018
With the new project, the castles Saxenegg, Windhaag, Reichenstein and Zellhof can now be reached with the castle trail. To look for the best route and for the exploration of the potentials of the trail we organized a second trail development workshop. It was also important to strengthen team cohesion and awareness of tangible and intangible cultural assets. The workshop should also promote the the practical workshops on the old craft.
Typ akce: Workshop
As part of the conference, which took place in Jihlava (CZ), the castle trail was presented as a Austrian best practice project.
Typ akce: Konference
On June 15, 2018, the excavation began to build the horse shelter. The carpentry began on July 23, 2018.
Typ akce: Ostatní
Invited were all representatives of the castles as well as tourism associations. The audioguide provider introduced the product. The signposting concept for the main trail was also presented.
Typ akce: Prezentace
30.04.2018 - 05.05.2018
Linking path. Together we want to hike the castle trail from Grein to the Czech Republic and explore potential. We invite all project participants and responsible trail guides. The workshop wants to move and is on the move. Wandering we will look for opportunities to strengthen the experience and cultural value of the way. In the afternoon or evening, it is important to reflect our suggestions for improvement in the sense of a future conference. The project participants should become aware of the value of intangible cultural assets and be motivated for follow-up workshops on the subject of "old craft".
Typ akce: Workshop
Short presentation of the castle trail procect
Typ akce: Prezentace
Coordination meeting of lead partner with partners in CZ
Typ akce: Kulatý stůl
Representatives of the RK and KS explained the basics of funding and the tasks of the respective offices.
Typ akce: Školení